Testimonial from past clients
We can't thank Anne enough for helping us get our 2 month old daughter Isabel into a fantastic routine. Isabel was a very unsettled newborn. Screamed for hours each day and was very hard to settle to sleep. She would only sleep long stints if my husband or myself were holding her night and day! It was becoming very unsustainable for our lifestyle with a toddler running around also. Anne gently assisted to get Isabel sleeping in her cot in her own room. Isabel is now a much happier and content little bub and we have all noticed a big shift in all of our lives. Less screaming, more smiling for little Isabel as she is rested and her days and nights are predictable, the way a babies life should be.
Andrea & James
AlexAnne can only be described as a life saver. After 2 stints at sleep school and a long trip overseas, our 14 month old bub was waking every hour and required a feed to go back to sleep.
We began co sleeping as it was easier than getting up every hour yet he still woke. From the moment I called Anne I knew my family was in safe hands. She gave sound advice on the phone and was so caring and approachable from the get go. When she came to the house for sleep settling she held our hand through the whole process and explained in great detail how to approach sleep with our little one.
The greatest thing about Lullaby Solutions is the follow up. She was happy to answer any questions every step of the way no matter what time of day. We really felt as if she truly cared for our baby and our wellbeing and now consider her a friend.
 Our boy now settles himself to sleep, sleeps through the night and has great day time naps. It’s a dream come true! We can’t recommend Anne highly enough. Just do it!

--Alex Ortuso, Gyton Grantley and Rocco Grantley



Anne's Lullaby Solutions changed our life!Tenille

After the extremely premature birth of our gorgeous twin boys at 29 weeks, our entry into parenthood was amazing, but not without many challenges.10 weeks after bring our tiny twins home from NICU I was exhausted, sleep deprived and struggling to suppress my anxiety demons with the pressure to create routines, battle fussy feeding and engage techniques to settle them in sleeping patterns.

So then I discovered Anne!

The rapport I felt with her, along with the twins bond, cemented my immediate feeling of confidence in her ability and reassurance that we were taking the right steps toward creating a calm and happy environment for our boys to thrive.

We first engaged Anne for respite once a week, which in turn provided us with limitless-

  • advice and assistance with settling techniques,
  • advice with developmental progression
  • my go to source with ongoing support surrounding illness and concerns
  • solutions on reflux, colic, nappy rash
  • advice and techniques on behavioural concerns

Anne became my right arm, and gratefully we continued her service for 16 weeks post engagement. To us this was not only a service, but Anne become a huge mentor for me in this journey which has been priceless!

My husband and I highly recommend Anne’s Lullaby Solutions for any of her services available.

--Tenille and Tim


Sarah's Testimonial



My son was 2 years old and was yet to sleep through the night, his sleeping problems worsened when we moved him into a bed. He wasn’t himself during the day because he was so tired and have you ever seen a toddler with dark circles under their eyes? It’s not a good look! I was unsure of where to find help as I had heard of sleep specialists for newborn or younger children but wasn’t sure who I could ask for help with my cheeky toddler. Anne from Anne’s Lullaby Solutions said she could help our family. Anne arrived at 7pm and gave us some suggestions for different things we could try to settle our son and get him to put himself to sleep and then some ideas for what we could do the 8-10 times he got up out of his bed each night. I mention different ideas because I had already read all the books and visited many different websites searching for the answer to our problems. There was instant improvement from the night that Anne stayed with us but Anne warned that it would be a month of good and bad nights and consistency and hard work was needed to break these habits that had taken two years to form. I am now very happy to report that our little man has now slept through the night for 3 weeks in a row and he is a much happier boy and we are a much happier family. I highly recommend Anne for her kind, caring, gentle manner, she never pushed her ideas on me but only made suggestions for what she has seen work in her many years of experience. Anne was also available by phone in the weeks that followed her initial visit for help and support in making sure that our hard work was going to pay off for many peaceful nights to come.



I cannot recommend Anne more highly to any parent suffering sleepless nights. Our son, Max, was about 8 months old when he started to wake more and more frequently during the night – we became increasingly desperate and he was waking up every hour during the night. We phoned a sleep school and they gave us Anne’s details – my only regret is we didn’t get in contact with Anne earlier.

Anne (or Saint Anne as she is known in our house, and to the many friends who have also used her) stayed the night with us and taught us the settling techniques. Max improved that first night, and within 3 nights was sleeping through. Anne has many years experience, and you immediately feel you and your baby are in safe hands. Anne is calm, gentle and respectful of your concerns and anxieties. While there is a need to let the baby cry, it is very much within limits and never to the point where we felt uncomfortable. Anne teaches you to listen to the cries and what to do in response – she leaves you feeling very confident that you can apply the techniques, and that you will know a full night’s sleep again soon. We also found that having Anne come to our house was very helpful and far less disruptive than going to a sleep school. 

The really lovely, and reassuring, thing about Anne is that she quite obviously adores babies – she does not have the ‘us against them’ and ‘winning the battle’ attitude that I’ve noticed in some sleep expert advice. She is instead just focused on providing you with the skills and confidence to do what is best for your baby. We have found her advice invaluable over the past months. We have continued to stay in touch with Anne – she is very generous in her follow up service, even providing advice months later if sleeping patterns are disturbed due to illness or travel. We continue to be very grateful for the service that Anne provides, and would encourage anyone struggling with sleepless nights to call her immediately. 


Christine Bakouris

Our 9 weeks old baby, Kosta, has been suffering from colic and reflux since he was 3 weeks old and Anne has been helping us settle him during this difficult time. 
Anne has provided invaluable, professional advice and settling techniques and is always following up with us and promptly returning phone calls to answer any of our questions.
We feel really comfortable with Anne in our home and she is so kind and gentle with Kosta, always putting his needs first. She clearly loves what she does and it shows every time she visits us.
We are finally having some really good days and nights with Kosta thanks to Anne's help. I would strongly recommend anyone going through a tough time with their baby sleeping and settling, to contact Anne. Her many years of experience and love for babies makes her an invaluable person to have by your side during a very stressful time. I don't know what we would have done without her.
Thanks Anne.