About Us

My name is Anne Maitland and I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. Ever since I was young all I wanted to do was work with children and have children of my own. I am blessed to have an amazing husband and three sons who we have proudly raised to young adults.

So I began my journey in TAFE where I gained a Certificate of Applied Social Science and went straight into daycare for five years. We then started our family with my first born son Jerome so I moved to another day care to work closer to home. So I then tried a new avenue and started working at Queen Elizabeth Centre in the Mother and Baby Unit. We then had our second child Beau and again I wanted to be closer to home and became the local Primary School Nurse. I had worked there for seven years and then we had our last son Marcus. So I decided to re-evaluate my path once again and became a 3 year old Kindergarten teacher.

Although taking on this job that I loved,it wasn’t my calling. I realized my passion was baby settling. So I searched for work in a Mother and Baby Unit and found myself at Northpark Private Hospital. As soon as I walked in I loved it, working with the mothers and the babies just gave me such joy. I proudly worked in this unit for seven years where I continued developing my techniques and methods in settling babies.

I found through my work that something needed to be different and I believed that for real success in getting babies to get a proper sleeping routine it needed to happen at home. So now I have decided to use all my knowledge and experience and offer it to families in a more personal and individual way. So Anne’s Lullaby Solutions was born.

So this is me, this is my passion and has been my life’s work. After a 30 year journey I have found my true calling. I am in your home with your most precious gift, working with you every step of the way. I am not only a Nurse but a Mother, I will treat you and your baby with dignity and respect. So if you are seeking help and guidance it will be a pleasure to work along side you.

Anne Maitland